Body in Balance
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10305 N. Scottsdale Rd.
      Scottsdale AZ. 
Tel: 480 667 0803

Spa For Your Soul

 Holistic Massage Therapy Studio

 About Us

Here at Body in Balance we provide customized therapeutic massage and other treatments to improve clients' overall well-being, resolve problem areas and encourage rejuvenation. We use the term therapeutic to emphasize our mission to profoundly affect the physical and mental states of our clientele, as well as their sense of wellness and health. Looking for a great Swedish massage or Trigger points massage? This is the right place.
It's not a doctor's office.
It's not a clinic ...
It's a cozy place to relax and unwind.

At Body in Balance it’s all about you. What your body wants. What your spirit needs.
We address the entire mind and body, immersing your every sense in the art and science
of massage. We tailor each treatment to your specifications. For those who are committed
to improving and maintaining their well-being, we offer special deals with benefits and special monthly promotions.


Type Of Massages

-Classic Swedish Massage
-Deep tissue
-Hot Stone Massage
-Body in Balance Signature Massage
-Comfort Zone Package 
-Lavender Signature Massage
-Reflexology Foot Massage:
-Neuromuscular Massage 
-Sports Massage



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